Maiden School of Massage & Bodywork Therapy

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Student Services

Student Services

Swedish Massage

A relaxing full body massage designed to relieve you from your daily stress. Call Renee and her staff for scheduling options. 

1 hour $45.00    &    1 ½ hours $60.00


Deep Tissue Massage

Pain bothering you? This is a problem focused massage specifically designed to relieve pain by applying sustained pressure using slow, deep strokes to target the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissues.

1 hour $45.00     &     1 ½ hours $60.00

90 Minute Body Scrub & Mask

Skin feeling dry and flaky, or do you have body acne? This treatment exfoliates all the dead skin with a sugar scrub and a detoxifying body mask. The session is finished with a scalp massage and moisturizing foot mask. 



30 Minute Foot Scrub

Brush, Scrub, Mask and Massage for your feet. Your feet will thank you for this treatment.


30 Minute Sinus Drainage Massage

Feeling stuffy, have allergies, or sinus issues? Sinus drainage massage targets the relief of airways and helps the body drain any blockages.