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Our Instructors

Our Instructors

Heather Piotrowski

Heather is the daughter of Brad & Renee Hicks,She has been a licensed therapist since 2010. Her expertise in the field is Swedish Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Theracupping, Bamboo Massage and she is a Reiki Master. Heather teaches several things at Maiden School of Massage. She teaches the Swedish Day Classes, the Bodymind and Energy classes and several of the other modalities. Her high energy and compassion for this work will make you want to learn even more.
Henry Suit

Henry Helton

Henry was initially trained in massage therapy in the early 1980’s at the YMCA in Mobile, Alabama. I apprenticed under a gentleman that had been trained in Sweden and had been doing massage for over 40 years in his home country and in Mobile. I became an Emergency Medical Technician while in Mobile and soon after my family moved to North Carolina. I was in that last graduating class of Catawba Valley Technical College in 1987, and received an Associate Degree in Emergency Medical Science. I worked as a Paramedic for several agencies in North Carolina over the next 30+ years, continuing to use the massage that I had been taught to keep my partners at work and away from injured down-time. During this time, I was a certified instructor through the NC Office of EMS, and taught at local community colleges. After a couple of years of being asked to come to the massage school, I finally entered an evening class at the Maiden School of Massage and Bodywork and graduated in 2018. I started teaching Anatomy and Physiology in 2019 and have been with the school since.

Pete Lail

My name is Pete Lail, I've been licensed in Massage since 2002, attended Southeastern School of Massage and Bodywork in Charlotte, NC.  I am contracted with Maiden School of Massage in Maiden, NC as an instructor for the Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 3 department.  I've lived in NC most of my life although I did spend a few years in middle TN, after returning to N. Carolina I came to work with Renee Hicks, owner and director of the Prestige school.  I also have my practice (Dynamic Therapeutics) located in the school and am able to except clients. Have been married to a wonderful woman, Louise, for 36 and a half years, have one son and daughter in law, Trey and Amber, as well as three wonderful, heart filling, grandchildren,  Maddisyn Marie (10), Carl Lail, V (Cash) 6, and Ridge Edward (1.5), these are the joy of my free time.